About Me

Me at NAS Fallon in 2019


welcome to my website, my name is Marcel Stok and I live in the Netherlands. I have been photographing airplanes as a hobby since 1990 and have collected thousands of photographs from around the World.

In the beginning it was all analog, starting with slide film in my Minolta camera. With the introduction of the digital body’s I soon switched making the hobby more affordable. After a few years of using minolta equipment made a switch to Canon in 2005 and I am still using Canon equipment. Starting with a EOS 30D and a 100-400 mm lens. At the moment I am using the mirrorless model Canon EOS R5 with some cool lenses.

I also enjoy taking pictures of other subjects such as landscapes, boats, animals and modelshoots. You can even see me do an occasional wedding

Some of my favourite pictures:

Dutch Navy NH90 flying over the river in Rotterdam